CEDAMM (Complex Educatif Dr. Alphonse Mackanga Missandzou) is WCS’ dedicated training centre in Lopé National Park. The CEDAMM-Vert (CEDAMM-Green) is the sustainable and ecologically sound development project of the site. Located in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lopé-Okanda, CEDAMM annually hosts a growing number of participants. The training centre must comply with regulations of sound environmental management, ensuring zero impact on the Lopé National Park. It should represent a role model for sustainable and ecological management. Moreover, as a training centre, CEDAMM plays a key educational role in raising awareness and educating the public. At the heart of the CEDAMM-Vert project is to reduce environmental impacts through good site management, and improve the centre’s hosting capacity.

The immediate projects include: waste management system that minimizes waste, efficient energy use and installation of renewable energy, water recovery systems, infra-structure improvements, environmentally sound architecture, and zero environmental impact during new construction. The participant capacity will be increased, while environmental impacts and operating costs will be kept minimal. The CEDAMM-Vert also aims to source local and environmentally sound material, and encourage local employment. The project's objective is to obtain ISO certification. We continually seek additional funding to complete the CEDAMM-Vert objectives.

For more information on CEDAMM-Vert please write to emazeyrac@wcs.org

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