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Central Africa is home to an incredible and unique natural heritage, and it falls on the countries of the region to manage this heritage. This requires technicians at a number of levels. It is essential to have staff who are well trained, and who have the knowledge and skills relevant to the issues of conservation and development of the sub-region. Training and capacity building has a place in all of WCS’ projects, forest and marine. We provide training at our dedicated training centre, CEDAMM (Complex Educatif Dr. Alphonse Mackanga Missandzou) in Lopé National Park, but also at all our field sites and the head-office.

For decades, WCS and our partners have been broadening our understanding of Central Africa's ecosystems, and been developing the tools that contribute to wildlife management and environmental sustainability. CEDAMM is devoted to ensuring the transfer of ecological knowledge and tools to practitioners of conservation and natural resource sustainable management. Inaugurated in 2006, CEDAMM became the principle location for practical training to a diverse audience of students and field technicians at various levels. While initially responding to training needs in Gabon, several training programs are open to the sub-region. We encourage a diverse spectrum of students, managers, technicians and scientists, professionals from the private and voluntary sectors, NGOs, etc. who, by participating in a regional course also share their diverse experiences. Located in Lopé National Park with its exceptionally rich flora and fauna, CEDAMM offers an ideal learning environment in direct contact with a field based setting.

WCS collaborates with training institutions for the preliminary training of future conservation professionals, as well as for ongoing training of working professionals. By supporting the development and reinforcement of environmental expertise, we aim to respond to conservation issues and the need for the sustainable management of natural resources.

For further information on developing a training program at CEDAMM, or if you are interested in hosting a training program at CEDAMM, please write to

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