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Quevain Makaya Pambou
Technical Assistant : Mammal monitoring
Quevain MAKAYA PAMBOU is a Gabonese conservationist who has been working with WCS since 2005. A journalist by profession, Quevain worked at radio ALS (African Language Station) in South Africa and at RPN (Radio Pointe-Noire, Congo) as a trainee, after graduating in Journalism at Witwatersrand University South Africa. He also worked as English and French teacher at the MOHOTHES private school, Gamba, Gabon. Quevain also assisted the famous South African explorer Kingsley HOLGATE in his “AFRICA Outside Edge Expedition” in Gabon as principle translator, and worked as an educational assistant for the awareness of Malaria. Quevain has now been with WCS for seven years work, mostly at Mayumba National Park, during which time he was promoted from Night Guard, to Eco Guard, to Eco Guard Team Leader, and eventually to Site Manager. He was trained in mammal monitoring by Fiona Maisels, and carried out annual monitoring at Mayumba.
Richard Parnell
Technical Assistant - Gabon Bleu
Sandra Nse Esseng
Director : Administration
Christine Sandra NSE ESSENG, is an economist specialized in Planning, Organization Management, Economic Policy and Project Analysis. She was first employed by WCS Gabon in January 2008 as a Conservation Agent on Sustainable Development and Environmental Awareness programs. She carried out higher education at a National School in Dakar, Senegal, where she obtained an Diploma followed by a Masters at the University of Cheikh Anta Diop. Starting with WCS was her first professional experience. In October 2009, she was promoted to WCS Project Director for the Plateaux Bateke Landscape in the Province of Haut Ogooué (south east of the country) where her main responsibilities were the coordination of all project activities, ensuring leadership of field efforts and the promotion of public relations with local authorities and administrative services. Since July 2013, she serves as Administrative Director of WCS Gabon Program at headquarters in Libreville. Her objectives are: the organization of the administrative program documentation, insurance management and associated services, and co-responsibility for the administration of the program with other members of senior management.
Teddy Ramaroson
Director : Finance
He completed his study in accounting and management in Antananarivo (Madagascar) at Infocentre Infogestion, before beginning his interest in nature environment through Birdlife International, WWF Madagascar and Conservation International from 1997 to 2009. Before joining WCS Gabon in March 2013, he was the Finances/Subgrant/IT Director at the international private company, Population Service International (PSI), between 2009 and 2013. He has mainly worked for organizations funded by the US Government during his previous experiences, and with a variety of local partners. He is now the Country Finance Director of the WCS Gabon Program, responsible for all Finances, Budgeting and Accounting aspects. He is passionate about learning and concepts of capacity building within different environment oriented to Support Department. In his social life, he is keen a table tennis player.
Tim Collins
Assistant Conservation Scientist, Lead Congo Basin Coast
Tim Collins is a British marine biologist with extensive experience of marine mammal research and conservation in Africa and the Middle East. His research interests include coastal cetaceans, threatened small populations and looking for both in wayward places. Of particular interest is the development of simple methods that inform robust analyses with meaningful conservation outcomes. Projects have included humpback whale research in Oman, South Africa, Madagascar, Gabon and Angola as well many smaller projects targeting coastal cetaceans. Tim is a member of the International Whaling Commission Scientific Committee, the IUCN SSC Cetacean Specialist Group and a researcher with the Environmental Society of Oman. He has led the WCS Gulf of Guinea Marine Mammal project since 2003 and is a Masters graduate of the University of St Andrews.
Ursula Pena
Gabon Marine Mammal Coordinator
Yves-Eric Moubagou
Technical Assistant: Socio-economics

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