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Eric Arnhem
Nouabale-Ndoki National Park Director
Eric arrived in WCS Gabon's team in 2014 where he currently manages activities across the Terrestrial Landscsape Conservation Program. With a background in biology, Eric was awarded a Ph.D. thesis on the impact of logging on large mammals in Central Africa. Eager to put theory into practice, since 2007 he worked on wildlife management issues in logging concessions. Within the program, he applies the saying « we protect only what we love and we love only what we know » by working on the three strategic themes of WCS Gabon that are: 1 Scientific Research, 2 Law Enforcement Monitoring and 3 Environmental Education and Capacity Building.
Oliver Griffin
Proected Area Management Advisor
Olly's first involvement in conservation was in Madagascar as part of a student-led expedition to the little-studied Mahamavo region, then later as field assistant for a program to protect and understand the critically endangered Greater Bamboo Lemur in the eastern rainforest. Following an MSc in Conservation Science at Imperial College London, he started working with WCS Gabon, running a remote and logistically challenging research station in the heart of the forest. Research focused on forest elephants, with more than a thousand individually identified, and western lowland gorillas. At the beginning of 2016 he started work with WCS Cambodia based in Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary.
Fiona Maisels
Surveys and Monitoring Advisor
Dr Maisels studied the feeding ecology of mouflon in Cyprus for her PhD (Edinburgh University) and has since worked in Central Africa for over 20 years. She is the advisor for the Wildlife Conservation Society's wildlife survey and monitoring programmes in Central Africa. Her expertise covers survey methodologies, wildlife abundance and distribution, wildlife ecology and protected area management. Dr Maisels is on the Scientific Commission of UNEP-GRASP (Great Apes Survival Partnership), and is a member of the IUCN/SSC Primate Specialist Group and the IUCN African Elephant Specialist Group. She is also a Fellow of the Society of Biology. She has been an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Stirling since 2008, specifically in the African Forest Ecology Group.
Olivia Scholtz
Technical Assistant : Forest landscape
Olivia has a diverse conservation background covering tropical ecology, practical conservation, and inventorying and monitoring in Africa, South America and Australia, spanning 15 years. She has a Masters in Biodiversity and Taxonomy from the Imperial College, and a PhD with the Natural History Museum, London and University of Plymouth, both focusing on termite ecology and evolution. She first came to Gabon in 2008 to carry out field work for her doctorate, based at the Langoue field site in Ivindo National Park. So overwhelmed by the Gabon's forests, she ended up staying, working initially as the Langoue site manager with WCS. Since then she has been coordinating a number of WCS' wildlife monitoring programmes on the forest landscape, and is also involved in projects to identify High Conservation Value Forests.
Quevain Makaya Pambou
Technical Assistant : Mammal monitoring
Quevain MAKAYA PAMBOU is a Gabonese conservationist who has been working with WCS since 2005. A journalist by profession, Quevain worked at radio ALS (African Language Station) in South Africa and at RPN (Radio Pointe-Noire, Congo) as a trainee, after graduating in Journalism at Witwatersrand University South Africa. He also worked as English and French teacher at the MOHOTHES private school, Gamba, Gabon. Quevain also assisted the famous South African explorer Kingsley HOLGATE in his “AFRICA Outside Edge Expedition” in Gabon as principle translator, and worked as an educational assistant for the awareness of Malaria. Quevain has now been with WCS for seven years work, mostly at Mayumba National Park, during which time he was promoted from Night Guard, to Eco Guard, to Eco Guard Team Leader, and eventually to Site Manager. He was trained in mammal monitoring by Fiona Maisels, and carried out annual monitoring at Mayumba.

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